When Indian SHINee fan told Minho and EXO member Suho that Taemin was her favourite, here’s how they reacted


SHINee member Minho and EXO member Suho had once bumped into an Indian K-pop fan in Mumbai during their trip to India. The singers were a part of the South Korean variety show Fluttering India and visited the country in 2015. The show also featured Infinite’s Sunggyu, CNBLUE’s Jonghyun, Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun, and TVXQ‘s Changmin.

During their stay, Minho and Suho were seen visiting a music store when they met the fan. They were taken by surprise when she easily identified them. The curious duo instantly began asking her questions. One of them asked them why she likes K-pop. She explained that she began watching Korean movies and K-dramas before she explored K-pop music. She then informed Minho that the first K-pop song she heard was Lucifer, by SHINee.

While Minho appeared a tad surprised, the fan added that her favourite SHINee member is his bandmate Taemin. Suho instantly broke into a laugh while Minho appeared a bit awkward. He told the girl, “Sorry, I’m not Taemin,” before the trio broke into a laugh. She then told Minho, “I like you too.”

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India has witnessed a rise in K-pop music listeners in recent years. Many K-pop groups such as BTS, BLACKPINK, EXO, SHINee, and many others have a wide fanbase in the country.

This year, BTS sent numerous messages to their fans in India through their interviews. They have assured fans that they will try to visit India once the pandemic comes to an end. Speaking with Hindustan Times, Jimin said, “If we can see each other safely and the opportunity comes, we’d of course like to perform in India.” Sending a message to fans in India, Jin said, “We cannot be thankful enough for you listening to our music. We truly hope that the situation gets better soon. Please stay strong and we hope you get some energy from listening to our music!” In one of the interviews, they also spoke in Hindi.

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