What Are The Ways to Invest Money That Will Make Us Happy?


You will certainly not surprise after knowing that American’s are about to invest as the Covid Pandemic eases.

After being closed up for more than a year, people are happy to open their wallets for dining out, shopping for clothes, going for vacations with their loved ones, and much more.

But will this kind of shopping really make you happy?

As we all know, everyone’s needs are completely different. That is why it is very important for us to know which type of shopping will make us happy and which will not. It will also be good to see what things we have learned to live without during this pandemic.

And we’ll find that a lot of the shopping was habitual to us.

We used to run to the tea stall early in the morning just because we were used to it? Do such habits give us happiness? After this pandemic, when our life is slowly coming back on track, then we should take it as the right time to stop such habits. The question we have to ask ourselves is, will shopping for these material goods help us feel better?

And our answer will be “no” because it can give us momentary happiness, it cannot maintain that happiness for long.

All of these physical purchases don’t provide much lasting happiness as compared to some of the other purchases we can get.

If you have the money and you want to find happiness while shopping, here are five ways we are likely to find happiness.

Buy Time

Image by Monoar Rahman Rony from Pixabay

An underused strategy that can lead to happiness by spending money to get the most time in your life.

A very under-utilized strategy that can lead to happiness by spending money to get the most time in your life. People are happier because you do things you hate and use your money to keep yourself away from them because you use your money to keep yourself away from the things you hate.

A simple example of this can be that if we spend on the cleaning worker instead of getting our family member to do the cleaning work, then we can say that we bought our time with money.

Buy Experiences

Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay

We have been happier in the past with spending on the purchase of our experience than on the purchase of material things. And these experiences are very strongly linked to our own feelings. We start to think that experience shopping makes the most of our lives.

We can compare these material things with other things very easily whereas it is very difficult to compare the experience and this is the reason why the chances of us regretting the purchase of the experience become very negligible.

When we build relationships with others and are successful in keeping them strong, they bring us more happiness.

Make It A Treat

If we are fed ice cream every day, even if we like ice cream a lot, then its liking will start decreasing. Whereas if it is given to me in fifteen days, then its choice will remain intact.

We have to identify the things that we like the most and which give us more happiness. This pandemic has forced us to stay away from our habitual shopping, so we can see this as an opportunity which will definitely help us in providing us happiness.


It simply means investing in your future. It is directly related to making advance payments to get the happiness of our future better financial results, which will bring us happiness in the future.


When we provide financial help to others, they get a lot of happiness but we feel much happier than them. This means that when we spend the money that we used to spend on ourselves, we feel happier when we spend it to help others.


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