Shweta Kawaatra Recalls Suffering From Postpartum Depression: ‘I Was Suicidal, Helpless…’


New Delhi: Actress Shweta Kawaatra, best known for playing Pallavi in the popular TV show ‘Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii’, was last seen in Akshay Kumar’s ‘Ram Setu’ and before that the fantasy show, ‘Baal Veer’, seven years ago. In a recent interview, the actress revealed the reason behind the long work gap. 

The actor, who welcomed her daughter, Zahara, with her husband, actor Manav Gohil, in May 2012 spoke to Hindustan Times and revealed that she had postpartum depression that lasted for almost five years. 

“I was not just low, I had brain fog. I had panic attacks. I would be angry for no reason. I used to feel helpless, I was suicidal and this was a very hopeless situation,” she was quoted as saying by Hindustan Times. 

“I did Baal Veer because I had lost all confidence. In depression, you want to isolate yourself. You feel very conscious of yourself and underconfident. The makers were kind enough to support my timings. I did the show only to get my confidence back,” she added. 

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When asked about working on television, the actress said that she is ok to work on TV but the long working hours don’t allow work and life balance. “Would love to do (TV) but it does not allow me the balance of home and work. My daughter is 10 now and it took me five years to breathe easy. Now, I want to take care of my daughter with less burden and not be overwhelmed with depression. I think I can now balance my work and family,” she told Hindustan Times. 

The actress was recently stranded in Munich for hours. She had shared her ordeal while travelling from Mumbai to New York with a layover in Munich. Shweta had posted on her Instagram Stories that she and her daughter were stuck in the airport for more than a day. 

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