Olympics-Related Emojis Are Now Available In 30 Languages For The First Time


Olympicsare one of the most diverse tournaments organised anywhere in the world.

New Delhi:

Twitter seems to be all pumped up for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which finally got underway on Friday after being pushed back due to the pandemic. To celebrate the Summer Games, the micro-blogging site has launched a series of emojis, including for the opening ceremony, the medals and the different categories of sports that will be played during the international event. These emojis will be available in 30 different languages for the first time in the history of these games, said the Olympics Organising Committee.

In a series of tweets, the Organising Committee said people across the world would be able to use these emojis to express themselves during the 16-day international event. To start with, there will be an Olympics emoji and it can be used by typing Olympics with a hashtag.

If you want to write about a player’s triumph at the Games, there will be medal emojis for gold, silver and bronze winners. These emojis will appear when you type Gold, Silver and Bronze with hashtags, respectively.

Hosted every four years, Olympics are one of the most diverse tournaments organised anywhere in the world, where players compete in incredibly extensive categories of sports. From archery to swimming, athletes at the Tokyo Olympics will be competing in 33 categories. The Organising Committee tweeted that there will be emojis for these sports as well.

And finally, it informed us that special emojis have been designed for opening and closing ceremonies.

Creating a variety of emojis is a way of bringing a smile to the faces of everyone associated with the Games and those following the event from their homes. The Olympic Games were scheduled to be held last year in July-August but had to be postponed as the pandemic engulfed the entire world. Authorities are testing athletes at the Games every day for the coronavirus.

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