Maha: Leopard Strays Into Residential Area In Kalyan, Video Shows It Jumping Across Window


New Delhi: A leopard strayed into a residential area of Maharashtra’s Kalyan city, near Mumbai on Thursday. A video showed the feline jumping across a window of a building.

This comes after a leopard was spotted in a densely-populated area of Nashik on Wednesday. 

Another video showed people in Kalyan gathered outside a building that the leopard had entered and could be seen sitting near a window.

According to NDTV, three people were injured in the incident. It was further informed that forest officials are at the spot and efforts are underway to capture it.

“I saw the leopard on the first floor. People were screaming for help. A man went inside the building despite warning and was attacked by the leopard. Some of us with sticks in hand scared it away,” NDTV quoted a local as saying.

In Nashik, a leopard was rescued hours after it was spotted at the densely-populated area, news agency PTI reported citing officials on Wednesday.

The feline had entered Ayesha Nagar locality in Vadala Road area around 9.30 pm on Tuesday, and was caged shortly after midnight on Wednesday, they stated.

“The leopard entered the bungalow of one Ejaz Qazi in the area. It sat under a car parked in the parking area of the house. The presence of the big cat triggered panic in the locality,” PTI quoted an official as saying.

After being informed, the personnel of police and forest departments reached the spot and started the rescue operation. The animal was shot with a tranquiliser, after which it was caged and taken to the forest department office, he said.

The rescue operation took around three hours. Darkness and overcrowding posed problems in rescuing the wild animal, the forest department officials informed.

Meanwhile, more details are awaited about the rescue operation in Kalyan city.

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