Karan Mehra Accuses Wife Nisha Rawal Of Having An Extramarital Affair


New Delhi: Television actor Karan Mehra, who became a household name for his work in ‘Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’, was accused of domestic abuse by her estranged wife Nisha Raval in 2021. They are engaged in a bitter legal battle of separation since then.

Karan Mehra on Thursday held a press conference where he accused Nisha of having an extramarital affair. He also accused Nisha’s alleged boyfriend Rohit Sethia of physically assaulting him. 

“Nisha is dating a man named Rohit Satia. He has been around with us for a long time. He posed as Nisha’s rakhi brother and also performed her kanyadaan and I could never think that something like this would conspire between them. He is staying at my house with Nisha and my little son is present in the same,” Karan told the media. 

Karan also alleged that he was physically assaulted in his own house by Rohit a day after he recovered from Covid-19. 

Karan also said that after his separation from Nisha, she has been living in his house and using his resources  

“Nisha has been portraying an image of a single mother, doing all alone but she is living in my 4.5 BHK, she has my business and is taking my money and fighting the case. My documents, money, laptop, everything is in that house.. how will you prove your innocence? It’s not easy. I’m not allowed to go to my own house. I was just given five pairs of clothes in one suitcase, and I roamed in it for nearly 5 months. Rohit Sathia called up a few people from some political parties to intimidate me. They started talking to my bankers. Who are they to talk to my bankers? House is mine, car is mine, who are they to interfere? I have all the proof. This is what is happening to me,” Pinkvilla quoted Karan as saying. 

Karan also shared that he and his family members are getting death threats from unknown people. 

“I have been getting death threats from ‘no caller ID numbers’. I usually avoid answering such calls. But the other day the phone rang while I was resting and I answered without checking who was calling and received a death threat. My mother, father, and Kunal (elder brother) are also getting death threats which is very disturbing,” added Karan. 

In May 2021, Nisha Rawal filed a domestic abuse charge against Karan and his family at the Goregaon Police Station in Mumbai. In response to Nisha’s claim that Karan Mehra had physically abused her, the Mumbai Police arrested him. Police launched a charge against the actor’s wife under sections 336, 332, 504, and 506 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Karan was subsequently freed on bail.

When it comes to Nisha’s story, she appeared on the ‘Lock Upp’ reality show, where she spoke openly about Karan’s abuse. 

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