Israeli Ambassador Slams IFFI Jury Nadav Lapid For His ‘Propaganda’ Remark On The Kashmir Files


New Delhi: Amid the on-going controversy that arose after IFFI jury head and Israeli Director Nadav Lapid called Vivek Agnihotri’s ‘The Kashmir Files’ a “propaganda” and “vulgar” film, actors and filmmakers have condemned the remark made on the film that showed the holocaust of Kashmiri Pandits.

While Nadav Lapid’s remark did not sit down well with Indian actors and filmmakers, he has also been slammed by Israel’s Ambassador to India, Naor Gilon. The diplomat took to his twitter handle and shared pointers bringing to light how the Israeli filmmaker disrespected Indians by calling a film based on real life incidents “propaganda” and “vulgar”.

He says, “feel free to use liberty to sound your criticism of what you dislike in Israel but no need to reflect your frustration on other countries.”

Among the many points that Naor Gilon listed, the first one says, “In Indian culture they say that a guest is like God. You have abused in the worst way the Indian invitation to chair the panel of judges at IFFI as well as the trust, respect and warm hospitality they have bestowed on you.”

He further added, “I am no film expert but I do know that it’s insensitive and presumptuous to speak about historic events before deeply studying them and which are an open wound in India because many of the involved are still around and still paying a price.”

Naor Gilon also mentioned in his tweet how he and other Israeli diplomats’s social media would now be flooded with hate remarks and comments because of Nadav’s statement. He wrote, “You will go back to Israel thinking that you are bold and “made a statement.” We, the represenattives of Israel, would stay here. You should see our DM boxes following your “bravery” and what implications it may have on the team under my responsibility.”

See his tweet here:

Israeli diplomat Kobbi Shoshani also took to his twitter handle to mention that he differed with Nadav’s opinion of ‘The Kashmir Files’, and that he had also watched the film and met the star cast as well.

Kobbi Shoshani tweeted, “I saw the Kashmir file and met the cast. I have a different opinion than Nadav Lapid. After his speech, I told Nadav my opinion.”

Here is the tweet:

Nadav Lapid, head of the IFFI jury, made some controversial remarks at the closing of the 53rd International Film Festival of India. ‘The Kashmir Files’, directed by Vivek Agnihotri, was criticised by the Israeli filmmaker who was in attendance at the International Film Festival of India. The Indian movie was labelled as “propoganda, vulgar movie” by the director during the event on Monday.

The Kashmir Files was chosen for the Indian Panorama Section and premiered on November 22. The jury, according to Lapid, was “disturbed and shocked” when they saw the movie being screened at the festival.

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