‘India to emerge as greatest democracy’: Citizens’ forum


DEFENDING THE Uttar Pradesh government over topics on which it has been criticised over the past few years, a group of 151 people from various walks of life, including judiciary, civil and police services, armed forces, academia and professionals said that they believe in India emerging as the “greatest democracy of the world, and a global icon bringing pride to every Indian.

Identifying themselves as members of a forum of concerned citizens, the signatories said that it is a matter of concern that “one odd group of retired civil servants, visibly drenched in a particular political stream despite overtly posing as non-political” are taking every opportunity to put the Indian democracy, its institutions, and persons holding high offices in poor light before the whole world by making ill-considered public statements, or writing misconceived communications to various authorities.

“This politically motivated pressure-group does not represent thousands of the former civil servants, police and other AIS officers, former judges, officers of defense Forces, professionals, and other nationalist intellectuals who believe in India emerging as the greatest democracy of the world, and a global icon bringing pride to every Indian,” they said in a statement provided by the state government.

Regarding the allegation of legitimizing vigilantism in UP, they added that community policing, was not launched by the present UP government. In the statement the new law against unlawful conversions was claimed as an evolving need of a dynamic society. Allegations related to handling of Covid-19 in the state are called biased, mentioning that UP was able to bring the second wave of Covid under control. Basis of this claim was the active caseload of Covid on July 13.

The signatories also questioned why this “politically motivated group” is targeting the Uttar Pradesh government is repeatedly, while turning a blind eye to the crime data of other state governments. Responding to the allegations of crushing dissent by suppressing democratic protests during CAA, NRC agitation, the letter said that the protesters cannot be called ‘peaceful’ and ‘innocent’ if found indulging in ransacking and destruction of public property.

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