Bihar News : Student protest in Patna over pending Graduation results


Students of Magadh University demonstrated in Patna on Friday regarding the pending results for three years. Hundreds of students were going towards the Raj Bhavan to meet the governor but were stopped by the police and chased away. Near Eco Park Patna, the students were stopped by the police and did not allow them to proceed. After this the students started making ruckus. Some of the girl students, crying, grabbed the feet of the policemen and started asking them to let them go. It is necessary to meet the governor. A student said that we will commit suicide.

After creating a ruckus, the police chased the students by force. A student told that they are agitating and trying to meet the governor, but they are not being allowed to meet. Now we are tired. Now it seems that you should commit suicide and now the situation has come that we will commit suicide. If we had got the result on time, we would have given the PG examination but till now we have not even got the graduation degree.

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